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If You Keep Walking Past the Barbers, Eventually You'll Get a Haircut.

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Perfect Haircuts

Kings of Fades is a uniquely designed barbershop that caters for every customer. To do such, Ricardo is always learning new techniques while teaching his barbers the proper way to give great hair. Our highly trained and skilled barbers will provide you with an unforgettable experience every time.

Getting a good haircut is essential to looking stylish and this selection of the best barbers in Barbados are head and shoulders above the rest

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Pride in Each Service


These are the best short hairstyles and haircuts for men King of Fades for your next barber visit.



Getting the best shave comes down to having the best tools for the job and the best barber


Beard Trimming

For the perfect beard trim your beard regularly and trim your mustache to the same length 


Mustache and Trimming

Very precise trimming, achieving the look you want King of Fades dose it right

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Best Barber Experience

The price of a standard men’s haircut is 20 Bds$
High Top. From $ 20. School Cuts. From $ 12. Straight Cut and Shave. From $ 25. Razor Marks. From $ 7

High Top

From $ 20

School Cuts

From $ 12

Straight Cut and Shave

From $ 25

Razor Marks

From $ 7

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Highly Qualified Barbers

BEST BARBERS in Barbados creating a new perception of barber and an experience deserving of best grooming

Fade Expert

Reco is the founder and owner of the barbershop.

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Beard Trimmer

Edward has been in the barber industry for over 10 years.

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Hair Specialist

Roy it's very passionate, and he's been with us since 2010.